Caste discrimination hampering development in Tarai, says Yadav

Rajbiraj, December 16

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairperson Upendra Yadav today said that growing caste-based discrimination in the Tarai Madhes was aggravating the social harmony and development activities in the region.

Speaking to voters after being elected for the parliamentary seat from Saptari Constituency 2 at Tilathi Koiladi of the district today, Yadav said, “Conflict and feeling of hatred seen among the people of different castes was growing in the Tarai jeopardising mutual respect and developmental activities.”

He further said that people should be treated equally irrespective of their castes.

“Mutual understanding, social harmony and feeling of togetherness will contribute a lot to the overall development of the region,” added Yadav.

He stressed the need of women empowerment in the Tarai region at decision making level.

On a different note, Chair Yadav said a huge chunk of development budget was being embezzled in the Tarai compared to hilly region.

“Hence, people need to keep a close eye on these issues and local level representatives should take the matter seriously,” said Yadav. He also said that a surveillance team was a must to curb such ill practices.

Yadav also expressed his concerns about the youths of the Tarai who are involved in drug abuse, alcoholism, and other evil practices.

He said that besides political and social changes, change in thinking and mentality of people would be very important for development. “Our efforts will be for people’s rights and development simultaneously,” said Yadav.

Chair Yadav said that the development budget allocated so far for the Tarai region was discriminatory and insufficient.