‘Centre colluding in exploitation of Chure’

Janakpurdham, Jan 14

Province 2 Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut today alleged that exploitation of the Chure range was continuing unabated in collusion with police and the local administration.

Addressing Sagarmath Dialogue Programme on Climate Change organised in Janakpurdham, CM Raut said that crusher industries had colluded with police and the local administration to exploit the Chure range. “Those who speak against illegal sand mining and exploitation of natural resources are murdered in broad daylight. The province government has to be a mute spectator before industries that excavate sand, boulders and stone,” Raut complained.

Noting that police and administration were not under the jurisdiction of the province government, CM Raut argued that police and administration working under the federal government had led to the current situation.

Raut said Chure exploitation and tree felling had invited natural disasters in the country. “It is unfortunate that we are organising meetings and workshops on controlling climate change instead of putting in efforts to stop the exploitation and deforestation of the Chure range.”

He cautioned all and sundry about the destruction of the Chure forest area. “Roads are being constructed haphazardly by felling trees.  This will have an adverse impact on the Tarai/Madhes later,”CM Raut said.