Cheating rife among shopkeepers

Dhankuta, April 27

Allegations against shopkeepers have been increasing with locals in Dhankuta saying that many shopkeepers are cheating them by charging customers arbitrarily.

Locals also allege that the shopkeepers did not show them a price list and created artificial shortage of the goods and were selling sub-standard goods.

Consumer Forum Chairman Bipin Shrestha said consumers were being cheated due to the negligence of the District Administration Office, and Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “These things are prevalent due to lack of market monitoring and action,” Shrestha said.  Several consumers also reported that they were compelled to buy cooking oil at Rs 210 to Rs 220, which is around double the market price. Tara Rai, a local of Bhirgaun, Dhankuta Municipality, said pharmacies are playing with people’s health by selling date-expired medicines.

Govinda Mainali, another local of Bhirgaun, said that the authorities carry out tmarket monitoring at the end of the fiscal and during the festival season only. “Proper market monitoring and action should be taken against wrongdoers,” Mainali said.

Ishwori Adhikari, a local at Chhathar Rural Municipality, said the monopoly of unscrupulous shopkeepers was increasing due to lack of market monitoring.

Market Monitoring Officer Khagendra Subedi in District Administration Office cited lack of budget, experts and resources as the reasons for weak monitoring. CDO Prem Prakash Upreti said that his office has started taking action against those involved in such activities.