China assures it is taking proactive measures

Kathmandu, February 1

The Chinese government has said it will perform its international obligations in a responsible manner, make every effort to ensure the health of foreign citizens in China and address the legitimate concerns of all parties in relation to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Issuing a press release, the Embassy of China in Nepal said the Chinese government had given earnest consideration to prevention and control work since the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

According to the embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China has set up emergency response mechanism to coordinate and handle foreign affairs related to epidemic prevention. “It is understood that some Nepali citizens, including students, are still in Wuhan. Their lives and medical care are guaranteed. Please rest assured that China will continue to take proactive measures to protect their legitimate rights and interests,” it said. The embassy said the Nepali side could communicate with the Chinese Embassy in Nepal or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in a timely manner.

The press statement said China had investigated the origin of the infection, offered technical guidance, given guidance to Wuhan on preventive and control measures, strengthened prevention and control work across the country, spared no efforts to treat patients, accelerated scientific research on the new coronavirus and information disclosure.

“China has informed the World Health Organisation of the situation and continues to share technical information. We have shared with the WHO the whole genetic sequencing of some strains. WHO experts were invited to visit Wuhan, and we organised experts from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to make field trips to Wuhan,” read the statement.

“The epidemic is preventable, controllable and manageable and we are determined, confident and capable of winning this fight,” the Chinese government has said.

The embassy said the situation would affect the number of Chinese tourists visiting Nepal. “After the epidemic is brought under control, we will encourage Chinese tourists to visit Nepal and contribute to the Visit Nepal 2020.”