Chitwan in grip of outbreak of viral fever

Chitwan, July 25

The number of patients suffering from viral fever has increased with the onset of monsoon in Chitwan.

The number of viral patients has increased due to polluted water, unhealthy eating habits and other reasons. Hospital sources said that the patients have increased due to lack of safety measures taken in their daily food, sanitation, and personal hygiene during monsoon.

Medical Superintendent at Bharatpur Hospital Dr Rudra Marasini said that patients of seasonal diseases have increased by 35 to 40 per cent in the hospital. “Around 300 such patients visit the hospital daily, which is double than in other times,” he informed.

Dr Marasini said that almost all patients visiting the hospital are suffering from viral fever. “We are compelled to treat the patients even on the floor due to lack of sufficient number of beds in the hospital,” he added.

Dr Kalidas Adhikari of Bharatpur Hospital said that viral fever cannot be controlled for three to five days in normal condition.

Physician Dr Bhoj Raj Adhikari of Pushpanjali Hospital Pvt Ltd said that the number of patients has increased enormously, and many wait for three days for their health check-up.

Dr Adhikari said that patients have to take safety measures although the virus is not very dangerous.