Chitwan HIV-affected gradually coming out

CHITWAN: HIV-affected people in the district have started coming out to the public thanks to an easy access to medicines, opportunities and equality in community, of late.

Further, various awareness programmes have encouraged them to identify as HIV positives in the district.

According to AIDS Health Foundation (AHF) of the Bharatapur Hospital, 127 more people were found infected with the virus in the district.

Though around 2,000 people are infected with the virus in the district, only 1,040 are in list, informed AHF.

Various non-government organisations are helping to identify the HIV victims in the district.

Out of 39,049 HIV-affected people across the country, only 25,029 people have been able to publicly identify themselves as HIV positives, informed the AHF.

Meanwhile, some HIV-affected women have given birth to HIV negative babies in the district, according to the AHF.