Poultry farmers lose Rs7.068 million to bird flu

CHITWAN: Authorities have destroyed fowls and poultry products worth Rs7.068 million in contaminated zones successfully curbing an outbreak of severe H5N1 avian influenza which saw death of 2500 hens in the district, a week ago.

A slaughter drive was initiated by the authorities after Khairahani Municipality-9 and surrounding regions were declared contaminated with bird flu as two poultry firms in the regions witnessed 2500 fouls succumbing to the avian influenza.

According to the District Livestock Development Office (DADO) stats, 11,950 layers hen,  23 local breeds, 144 ducks, 4 broilers, 607 kg poultry feed and 12,726 eggs were disposed in the region.

According to DADO Chief, Chet Narayan Kharel, the office has forwarded a proposal to compensate poultry owners after valuing the breeding fowls at Rs500 and hens that already laid eggs at Rs350.

Provisions of the Bird Flu Control Directives of 2064 BS ensure 75 per cent of the destroyed assets in compensation to the poultry entrepreneurs.

After the slaughter, bird flu has been successfully contained in the region, Kharel added.

According to Nepal Egg Producers Association Central Chair, Trilochan Kandel, the total loss bore by the poultry farms stands at Rs7.068 million.