Civic election on scheduled date, says DPM Kamal Thapa

Pokhara, April 1

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Kamal Thapa today said civic polls would be held on the scheduled date of May 14.

At an interaction held in Pokhara, Thapa said the Election Commission had expedited preparations for polls and efforts were under way to forge consensus with the agitating Madhesi parties to bring them on board the election.

“The government is working to bring the disgruntled parties on board and security agencies are making security arrangements for polls. Hence, the polls would be held at any cost,” Thapa stated.

Thapa also said that development work would gain momentum after polls as local levels had been empowered in the federal set-up. Thapa was, however, skeptical of the big parties and said the big parties might not be ready to delegate power to rural municipalities and municipalities.

Thapa said development budget would be allocated to the rural municipalities and municipalities directly after the local level polls.

Minister Thapa directed the civil servants to carry out their responsibilities with honesty. “Civil servants may face some difficulties, but they will have to overcome hurdles and move ahead,” he said.

At the programme, Western Regional Administrator Yam Kumari Khatiwada had briefed Thapa on security situation in the region.