CM Gurung vows to root out corruption

Pokhara, February 8

Gandaki Province Chief Minister Prithvi Subba Gurung has vowed to root out corruption in the province.

CM Gurung, while laying the foundation stone of a meditation centre to be constructed by Brahmakumari Ishworiya Vishwovidhyalaya in Pokhara-11, Fulbari, today, stressed on the need to stop corruption taking place under the cover of politics.

“I wonder how the ones involved in Baluwatar land scam claim to serve people in the name of politics. There are many other land scams like this unreported and not investigated.

We must investigate them and punish those involved,” he said.

CM Gurung wondered how party leaders from modest background could afford to buy millions of rupees worth of bungalow and vehicles once elected by the people.

“Politics is service to the people. If anyone wishes to earn money, s/he should start business, not politics,” Gurung said, vowing that he won’t entertain corruption in any form in the province.

“I won’t let anyone to be involved in corruption.

If anyone is found involved in such disgraceful acts, s/he will have to face stringent action,” he said, informing about the government’s campaign to make Gandaki a beautiful, prosperous, corruption and discrimination free province.