DOTI: Locals of rural Jorayal area of the district have been running a college with the earnings from various local community forests. Forest users committees of Chara, Ghanteswor, Chhatiwan, Nawadurga have put their effort together to upgrade Ghanteswor Secondary School into a college.

Earlier students of the area were compelled to go to district headquarters or the capital for higher education. The college in the locality has turned to be a boon for them, now. Classes up to Bachelor level is being run in the college. The school is now known as Seti Mahakali Ghantesowor Multiple Campus. Bhakta Bahadur Adhikari, coordinator college management committee, said, "We have succeeded in running the college with the support of the villagers.'' Campus Chief Sunlal Thapa said that the local students had benefited after the college came into being.

Meanwhile, members of the different community forests informed that they had been paying remuneration for the teachers of the Campus. Hem Prakash Malla, member Ghanteswor community forest informed that they had invested all the income of the forest to run the college. Local Bhoj Bahadur Kandel informed that they had also built the college building from the income community forests. Local Development Officer Raju Thapa applauded the local effort and said,'' Locals have set an example by running the college on their own effort.''

Students of Ghanteswor, Sarasawatinagar, Laxminagar, Chhatiwan, Nirouli, Gadsera, Mannakapadi of Doti and Nigali, Khairala of Kailali district have been pursuing higher studies at the campus.