Complaint filed against self-styled godman

Bara, December 27

A complaint has been filed with the police in Bara against Ram Bahadur Bamjan, the self-styled godman based in Halkhoriya forest of the district.

Hasta Bahadur Ale Magar and his wife Nandamaya of Badaharwa in Jitpur Simara Sub-metropolis, Bara, filed the complaint blaming the self-styled guru for the disappearance of their son Suresh Kumar, 34, for the past three years. “He was a close aide to Bamjan and would stay with him in the forest. Up until three years ago, he would come home every two to four months and stay with us for a week or so, but there is no trace of him since he last visited us in May 2015,” said Suresh’s father Hasta Bahadur. “

He looked confused about whether to return to the service of the ‘guru’ the last time he visited us, but then another close aide of Bamjan, Jas Bahadur Waiba, who is also from Jitpursimara, convinced him and took him along after which we haven’t heard from our son,” said the father. He said they decided to reach out to the police seeking help to search for their missing son.

“We went to Bamjan’s place in Halkhoriya but were told Suresh had left the place. As he has gone missing from the Asharam and could have been made to disappear, we turned to police to find the truth behind disappearance and rescue our son.”