Cost for setting up provincial offices likely to exceed Rs 280m

Surkhet, January 5

More than 280 million rupees will be spent just for setting up infrastructures for various provincial offices in Province 6.

Earlier, the government had formed a committee led by regional administrator Suresh Pradhan to study the existing infrastructures in Surkhet for the provincial capital. The committee had recommended the existing educational training centre and other government offices for provincial assembly and quarters for chief ministers and others portfolio holders. The report also stated that around Rs 280 million would be needed for refurbishing the existing structures.

“While around 220 million rupees will be spent in repairing buildings to be used for various offices and quarters for the province chief, chief minister and ministers, additional 60 million is necessary to prepare structures for parliamentary parties’ offices, speaker’s office and quarters and provincial assembly venue,” said Keshav Prasad Upadhyaya, section officer at the regional administration.

Regional Forest Training Centre, District Public Health Office and District Soil Conservation Office, have also been recommended.