Country cannot move ahead without NC, says Sitaula

Jhapa, October 19

Nepali Congress General Secretary Krishna Prasad Sitaula today said Nepal would turn into a failed state if NC was not taken on board on while making decisions issues of national interest.

Speaking at a function organized by NC Constituency No 3 regional committee, in Bhadrapur, Sitaula argued that fielding Sushil Koirala in the prime ministerial election turned out to be suicidal for NC. “Everyone commits mistakes, but NC should not shirk from its responsibility by putting the blame on others,” said Sitaula.

Noting that NC had always played the role of a guardian in Nepali politics, Sitaula said that the country cannot move ahead if the ruling UML tries to move ahead without NC on board. He also said that his party would continue to offer constructive suggestions to the government even if it were in the opposition.

Stating that Oli’s election to the post of prime minister had not surprised him, Sitaula said that all parties now need to work for the welfare of the people and the country. He said all parties should stand united to implement the new constitution.

Further, Sitaula remarked that change of the government was a normal phenomenon in democracy. “The most important thing is to serve the people and the country,” said Sitaula.