Country going through hard time: CM Poudel


Bagmati Province Chief Minister Dormani Poudel today said that the country was going through a difficult time.

Addressing a session of the Provincial Assembly, CM Poudel said the province government was formed to realise the vision of “Happy Nepalis, Prosperous Nepal” as per the spirit of the new constitution promulgated after years of political struggles and sacrifice.

CM Poudel said his government had laid the foundation of the provincial structure as per the duties and rights outlined in the constitution, in the last three years. “We have come a long way and still there is much to be done”, he said, adding “We have differences, and disagreements, but this is the beauty of democracy.”

Poudel presented a list of achievements and accomplishments in the past three years. Naming the province, and fixing the permanent headquarters of the province were major achievements of the government, Poudel stated.

Poudel stated that 16 police posts were constructed and 30 were under construction in the province. Besides, he presented a long list of works including road construction, giving aid to conflict victims, and building drinking water projects as achievements.