"Amendment Bill will be endorsed Sunday with UML's support"

KATHMANDU: Law Minister Ajaya Shankar Nayak on Friday claimed that the Parliament will endorse the Constitution Amendment Bill with the main opposition CPN-UML's support.

Since the proposal on constitution amendment is for giving a way out to the country, the Maoist minister said, there is no reason for the CPN-UML to object to it.

"That is why we have full confidence that the proposal will be endorsed with the CPN-UML's support," he said, adding that the party 's role and response were positive. He was speaking at the Reporter's Club in Kathmandu.

CPN-UML leader Keshav Badal, on the other hand, demanded that the Constitution Amendment Bill be immediately withdrawn from the Parliament for it proposes to curtail people's rights and will create division among the people.

He accused the government of trying to scrap the Article 274 of Nepal's Constitution. This is unconstitutional, he maintained, claiming that there was no scope of endorsing the Constitution Amendment Bill at the existing state of affairs.

Speaking at the same interaction, Nepali Congress leader Mahendra Yadav said the Constitution Amendment Bill will be endorsed with the two-thirds majority even if the main opposition does not support it.

He accused the CPN-UML of duplicity claiming the party is protesting the Constitution Amendment Bill for the sake of protesting only.

Yadav and Badal engaged in a heated debate even after the interaction was over, the Reporter's Club said.