Crackdown on bootleggers intensified in Bara

MANAHARWA, BARA: Police in Bara district have intensified crackdown on bootleggers after the local residents pleaded to the administration to take action.

A joint patrol team deployed from Bara District Police Office and Jitpur-based Police Post has destroyed 25 local alcohol production units in Jitpur Simara Sub-Metropolitan City-18, on Wednesday evening.

Police took action against such units in Badaharwa, Lamidanda, and Kusmadi areas and also destroyed 2,000 litres (l) of prepared liquor and 8,000l raw materials used for preparing liquor. Moreover, three appliances and 30 utensils used for making liquor have been seized by the patrol team, according to the Police Post.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of crimes occurring after consumption of liquor, local representatives, women and social welfare leaders, businessmen, teachers among other intellectual levels have been urging police to take action against the bootleggers. The joint meeting held time and again at the police post decided to put an end to the production of homemade liquor.

The meeting had decided to allow the liquor shops to remain open from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Apart from that, the local organisational bodies have been organising various awareness programmes and holding rally against illegal production and sales of homemade liquor.

According to Assistant Sub Inspector of Police (ASI) Bharat Silwal at the police post, most of the cases that come to the police are related to liquor consumption in a way or the other. He blamed the cases of brawl, family disputes, violence against women, accident and other criminal activities on liquor consumption. Silwal has urged the general public to help the police in cracking down on bootleggers.