Croc rips apart Chitwan man's arm

RATNANAGAR, CHITWAN: A man lost his right arm in a crocodile attack while he was fishing in a river in eastern Chitwan on Wednesday.

46-year-old Prasad Chaudhary of Dharampur in Khairhani Municipality-13 had gone for fishing in Echarni River near Kumaro when the crocodile ripped apart his arm at around 3:30 pm on Wednesday.

Chaudhary who was accompanied by Mahila Chaudhary, did not notice that a crocodile was lying near the bank when he was placing the net. The crocodile bit his hand and made five twists before pulling him into the water, Chaudhary spoke of the horrifying experience. "It tried to take me away, but I took my stand and it took my hand away," he added. The crocodile moved away after taking his right hand.

Chaudhary had punched on the mouth and eyes of the amphibian reptile, but it did not release its mouth grip from his right arm. His friend also kicked and punched the  crocodile but in vain.

Injured Chaudhary is now undergoing treatment at the Bharatpur-based Alive Hospital and Trauma Centre.

It has been learnt that Chaudhary had returned home nine months ago after working abroad. 

According to an orthopaedic specialist Pramod Lamichhane at the hospital, Chaudhary survived the incident as the veins got blocked and prevented blood flowing.