A woman that was crushed by a cow that fell from a cliff and landed on her body, has been facing difficulty receiving treatment in lack of financial support.

Thewa Rokaya (65) of Badimalika Municipality-3 of Bajura district was seriously injured as the cow fell on her on October 10. Rokaya was out grazing her cattle when she was trampled by the cow.

She has been receiving treatment in the National Trauma Centre in Kathmandu but owing to financial difficulties, is now unable to continue treatment, according to her son Tek Bahadur Rokaya.

The hospital estimates that the procedure to fix her broken ribs will cost around Rs 300,000.

For the past two weeks, the Nepal Healthcare Equipment Development Foundation (NHEDF) in Kathmandu has covered all of her treatment fees.

However, due to the enormous sum required for the procedure, we are having difficulty handling the cash, NHEDF chair Samrat Basnet said.

Rokaya was taken to the District Hospital in Bajura after she was injured, but was then moved to Seti Provincial Hospital after treatment at the district hospital was not possible.

Later, she was referred to the trauma center by the provincial hospital for further care.

The hospital has given the kin six weeks to deposit the requisite cash for surgery.

"How can we even begin to gather the operation fund?" Tek Bahadur wonders. "We have been living in Kathmandu for my mother's treatment with the support of the NHEDF, which has provided us with lodging and food."

He has been knocking on all doors in an effort to get money for his mother's treatment.