Cyber Bureau urges cautiousness in sharing personal information

KATHMANDU: The Cyber Bureau of Nepal Police has urged the public to be careful regarding fraudulent calls and emails that claim to be from 'Cyber Crime' and 'Cyber Security'.

According to the police, some unidentified persons have been calling various people and asking for their private pictures and videos while claiming to be police. The unidentified group then blackmail them using those multimedia and post them in social media for character assassination.

The Bureau said that they are investigating the cases and urged everyone to refrain from sharing any personal information and multimedia through phone or emails. If someone asks for such information, the cyber bureau urges everyone to contact the nearest police office.

Moreover, such incidents can also be reported to Cyber Bureau's Head Office in Botahiti, Kathmandu (9851286771/9851286770). The office can also be contacted through email (