Dalit kids yet to get nutrition allowance

Siraha, August 22

It has been more than a month since the beginning of the current fiscal, but Dalit kids of Siraha’s Naraha Rural Municipality have still not received nutrition allowance, which should have been provided last fiscal.

The government has been providing Rs 400 monthly to every Dalit kid for nutritional food since fiscal 2009-10l.

Naraha Rural Municipality has a total of 732 Dalit kids, and they have yet to receive 3.513 million rupees in allowance from the last fiscal.

Ramwati Sada of Naraha Rural Municipality said she couldn’t provide nutritional food to her kids for want of government allowance.

“We went to the rural municipality inquiring about the allowance, but each time we returned empty-handed,” lamented local Arahuliya Sadaya.

Rural municipality Chief Administrative Officer Bhawesh Kumar Jha, on his part, clarified that the allowance could not be distributed on time due to delay in budget release.

“In fact, our plan was to distribute the allowance through banks, but as the amount came only towards the end of the fiscal and all the guardians of the kids didn’t have bank accounts, we couldn’t distribute it on time,” he said, adding that the allowance would now be distributed in cash as was previously done.