Landless Dalits to get land

  • To distribute land the government should amend the Land Regulation Act

Kathmandu, August 22

According to the amendment proposed for the Land Act, the government is to give land to landless Dalits across the country.

The bill, which was registered today at the Parliament Secretariat by the government, decided to give land to the landless Dalits. The amendment proposal came after Article 40 related to the rights of Dalits in the constitution guaranteed that the state would provide land to the landless Dalit in accordance with law.

But, it is not clear how much land the landless Dalits will receive from the government. To distribute land, the government should amend the Land Regulation Act in future or the government could do the same with the reference of a special committee or commission that would recommend how much land should be given to landless Dalits.

“After completing the process of the bill from the Parliament, the government will try to carry on with the distribution of land,” Deputy-spokesperson for the Ministry of the Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Hum KC said.