Demands hostile to country cannot be fulfilled: DPM Rawal

At the CPN-UML Bheri-Karnali regional activists’ gathering here on Tuesday, DPM Rawal said, “The leaders, who claim to be the Madhes’ sole liberators, have spread illusion among the people, and plotted conspiracy to push the country further into conflict.”

The demand for ethnicity based provinces, right to self-determination and en masse recruitment of a community into the national army are such demands that are influenced with a motive of treason, he asserted, adding that such demands will never be fulfilled.

DPM Rawal, who is also the CPN-UML Vice-Chairman, slammed the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) leaders for maneuvering with false rumour that the constitution – drafted by people’s representatives – discriminated against the Madhesi community. They themselves have continued to retain the old system of feudal slavery in Madhes,said the DPM.

About 500 CPN-UML cadres from Bheri and Karnali regions attended the gathering, in which another CPN-UML Vice-Chairman Yuvraj Gyawali stressed the need for mutual unity among the forces that drafted the new constitution and added that the people aspired for the same. Stating that Nepal should now develop relations with neighbouring China and India on a balanced footing, Gyawali called it mandatory for the country to learn a lesson from history to become self-dependent.

Meanwhile, DPM Rawal at a meeting with chief government officials in Banke district said, the employees serving the country should be pro-people.