Dengue spreading in Rautahat

Rautahat, November 12

Dengue cases have been on the rise in Chandrapur Municipality of Rautahat for the past one month. The authorities concerned, however, are turning a blind eye to the problem, allege locals.

The disease claimed one person two weeks ago, leaving dozens of others ill.

The disease broke out at squatter settlements of Paurai in Ward No 4 and 5 of the municipality. Now there is at least one dengue patient in each household in those areas.

Motiram Gole, a local, succumbed to the disease while undergoing treatment in Bharatpur, ealier.

More than 30 people complain of fever, vomiting, and headache every day. Local medical operator Ram Babu Chaudhary said the exact number of dengue patients was, however, yet to be ascertained.

Chaudhary and some of his family members had only recently returned home after receiving treatment for the disease in Teku, Kathmandu.

According to him, dengue was confirmed in six persons after blood test in the last two days in their locality. “There may be many dengue patients in the village,” Chaudhary said. He said that there was high chance of the disease taking epidemic proportions if due attention was not paid by the authorities concerned.

Ward chairperson Biru Rakhayal said dengue patients were forced to consume Cetamol and painkillers to ease their pain in his village. “Patients are having a hard time, but the concerned agencies are not heeding their plight,” Rakhayal complained.