Dengue team in Nepalgunj

Nepalgunj, October 12:

A team of experts visited Kohalpur Medical College today and checked suspected dengue patients.

The team, which arrived here today from Kathmandu to look into dengue fever cases in Nepalgunj and surrounding areas, will visit the Nepalgunj Medical College tomorrow and try to diagnose people suspected of suffering from dengue, said director of the Nepalgunj Medical College, Dr M Kidwai.

Physicians at the Nepalgunj Medical College and Kohalpur Medical College (KMC) said six suspected patients of dengue were undergoing treatment in the two medical colleges.

Headed by Dr GD Thakur of the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, the team has

Dr Manas Kumar Banerjee, senior lab technicians and other experts as its members.

The team has brought a deep script kit for conducting Elisa tests.

The kit gives results two hours after tests on suspected dengue patients.

Director of the Kohalpur Medical College Dr Jitendra Mahaseth said no dengue case has been detected at the hospital.

“I do not think there is a dengue case in our hospital. Anyway, the expert team has swung into action and we can only say after results come.”

The team will also train health workers in the process of diagnosing dengue cases.

Media persons will be informed about the details of the tests, said a member of the team.

Tomorrow, a team of epidemiologists will reach here and begin a study on mosquitoes, said public health officer Jaya Bahadur Karki.

The team will visit every village to carry out tests on mosquitoes, he said.

The Aedes Egypti breed of mosquito causes dengue fever.