Details of teachers working past retirement age being collected

Kathmandu, October 16

School Teacher Record Office has started collecting details of teachers who are working in various schools across the country well past their retirement age.

The retirement age for civil servants and teachers are different. Civil servants retire at the age of 58 while teachers retire two years later at the age of 60 years.

But many teachers have been found teaching in the schools even after crossing their retirement age.

As per the Education Regulations, Clause 117, all permanent teachers have to provide personal details to STRO within three months after assuming their duties.

Similarly, they are required to inform the school administration about their retirement nine months earlier. The schools then inform the District Education Office, which later informs the STRO to provide them retirement benefits.

Sher Bahadur Dhungana, Director General, STRO, said some teachers have been found to be teaching for more than four years even after turning 60.

“These teachers drew Rs 1.4 million more in salary from the government this fiscal,” he said, adding, “This shows that the DEO has failed to maintain teachers’ records.”

In the fiscal 2015/16, a total of 133 teachers over the age of 60 years were found drawing an extra Rs 22 million from government. Similarly, a total of 151 teachers were found to be drawing extra Rs 26 million in the fiscal year 2014/15. In the fiscal year 2013/14, more than 100 teachers had drawn an extra Rs 24.9 million.

“Though these teachers have misused their power, we are not going to take stern action against them because they have taught students for many years and served the nation for their lifetime. Therefore, we will deduct the salary they received after retirement from their retirement benefits.”

After retirement, teachers get fund equivalent to more than 50 per cent of the total salary they received during their service and other allowances as well.

STRO has been transferring the pension book to their family members after the deaths of the teachers. In the past three fiscal years, pension book of 837 teachers have been transferred to their family members.