Dhading conflict-hit lament govt apathy:Relief eludes victims for yrs

Dhading, October 18:

Despite the government’s pledge, a 14-year-old conflict victim of Dhading district has not got proper treatment and relief yet. Deela Karki, 14, of Katleri VDC-2 was injured when a stray bomb went off suddenly on January 29, 2000.

An innocent Karki did not know that the object brought by youths from a nearby jungle was a bomb, as she was just five years old at that time. The bomb was learnt to have left by Nepal Army personnel in Ratedanda in Goganpani. She played with the object, which later exploded and damaged one of her fingers and three teeth. The shrapnel that pierced through her right eye has not been taken out yet.

Six persons were killed and one was injured in the blast, according to locals. “As we did not know the object brought by the youths was a bomb, we played with it. Later, it exploded,” said 13-year-old Sundar Karki, who was also injured in the incident.

Victims say the state has not applied any balm on the wounds they suffered during the conflict. “The government has turned a blind eye to the problems of the conflict victims,” said Sabitri, mother of Karki. “The army did nothing except providing minor treatment and relief.”

A seventh grader at a local school, Karki’s eyesight is poor and she has also lost her memory power, the mother said. Sundar also faces to maintain his daily life. “I have sustained leg injuries in the blast, making it difficult for me to walk,” he said.

“Somehow, I managed fund for treatment. But I could not manage fund for study,” he regretted. “The government did nothing for me.”

With the republican government’s decision to provide relief to the victims, the families of the deceased said such relief should be only provided to the real conflict victims.