Dhangadi dwells on managing medical waste

Dhangadi, July 12

A discussion was held among stakeholders in Dhangadi today to figure out ways to manage increasing medical waste that has emerged as one of the major challenges facing the city in recent years.

The discussion held at the initiative of the Health Section of Dhangadi Sub-metropolis was participated in by representatives from hospitals, medical shops, clinics and laboratories.

Dhangadi is home to around a dozen private hospitals and a government hospital, Seti Hospital,  that has developed into a referral centre. There are also a number of clinics, labs and medical shops in the city.

“As large amount of medical waste was produced every day, the discussion aimed at exploring ways to tackle this problem,” said Deputy Mayor Sushila Mishra Bhatta of the sub-metropolis, adding the municipality was ready to tackle the problem of medical waste by collaborating with private entreprises.

According to the sub-metropolis Health Section Chief Khagendra Bam, as much as 25 to 30 tonnes of waste is produced daily from hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities in the city.

Dhangadi-based Nisarga Hospital operator Kuber Shahi said private hospitals were doing all they could to manage waste they produce. “To collect the waste produced from private health facilities, we’ve hired a private organisation by paying more than Rs 20,000 per month,” he said.