Dharan BPKIHS doctor misbehaves with journos

ITHARI: A doctor at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences

(BPKIHS), Dharan, locked four journalists in a private hospital in Itahari for 20

minutes today.

Dr Shyam Rauniyar, assistant professor, BPKIHS,

had locked journalists Sachin Pokharel, Binod Dhakal, Chetan Dhamala and Yubaraj Ghimire at Purwanchal

General Hospital and

Research Centre, a private hospital in Itahari.

The journalists had gone there to enquire about the doctor’s involvement in the hospital. Rule of BPKIHS, however, does not allow its doctors, professors and workers to be involved in any other private hospitals.

After entering the hospital, the journalists had taken photographs of Rauniyar attending to patients at the hospital.

But the doctor came out of the office, assaulted the journalists and locked them in his office for nearly 20 minutes.

Upon their release, the journalists condemned the incident and lodged a complaint with the Area Police Office demanding action against Rauniyar.