Diarrhoea toll rises to 13

DIPAYAL: The diarrhoea death toll in Doti reached 13 as four more succumbed to the disease in the district. The deceased have been identified as Chandra Devi Kami, 50, Shilvan Kami, 54 of Kalikasthan-6, Harina Devi Rokaya of Chhapali-4 and Paharam Bhandari, Doti District Public Health Office said. Though they died of the disease in the beginning of this week, the deaths were reported today as the VDCs are in remote parts of the district and lack communication facilities, the DPHO said.

Bhojraj Bhatt, a local of Kalikasthan, said that health workers had yet to arrive in the VDC though the number of patients suffering from the disease was increasing. The disease has spread in 18 VDCs of the district. The DPHO had claimed that the disease had already come under control, however, the number of people affected with the disease and those dying are still on the rise. The disease has spread in several VDCs including Kaphalleki, Lanakedareshwor, Simchaur and Kalikasthan, the locals said.

A team of health workers were deployed in Kaphalleki VDC today, said Mahendra Shrestha, senior health officer at the DPHO. “As most of the posts of the health workers in the rural areas are vacant, it is difficult to provide proper treatment to patients,” he said.

According to another report, a person died of diarrhoea in Dadeldhura district today. Seven-year-old Manoj BK, a resident of Alital-3, died of diarrhoea, stated the report. According to a source at the DPHO, the boy had died while being rushed to the hospital.