Displaced Badis yet to return home

Jajarkot, November 18

Over 60 families from the Badi community who had been forced to move out of their villages to India during the armed conflict have still not been able to return home.

Badi rights activists submitted a memorandum at the District Administration Office, Jajarkot today, seeking government support to ensure return of Badi families displaced during the conflict.

People from the Badi community in Jajarkot and Rukum, districts most affected by the Maoist insurgency, moved to India due to severe threats .

The people of the Badi community are traditionally fishermen living in Pipe, Rimna, Dalli, Alimati, Dashare, Radi, and other places. They are now spread across India as menial workers, said Badi rights activist Madhu Badi. Madhu shared they were making efforts to bring the displaced families back to their home.

Chairperson of the Nalgadh Concern Committee Ganesh Prasad Singh said the displaced families must be returned to their homes immediately as the government was running various programmes to uplift the living standards of the people belonging to indigenous communities.