Division Forest Office, Tanahun, took an ailing leopard under control from Foksing Community Forest located at Byas Municipality today.

Division Forest Office Tanahun Chief Komalraj Kafle said that his office had taken the leopard under control. The forest office received a report about the beast after locals noticed it while they were out in the forest to cut grass.

A team from the forest office comprising Assistant Forest Officer Chudamani Baral and staffer Manoj Ranabhat had kept the leopard in an iron shed and brought the wild beast to the forest office. The leopard weighing around 45 kg has both of its eyes swollen and blood-stained. The forest office is investigating the leopard, Kafle said. He said that they would set the leopard free in the forest after its treatment.

Leopard attacks have claimed the lives of more than 10 children in the district. More than a dozen have been injured in the attack.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 14, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.