Docs only for Dadeldhura dead!

Dadeldhura, May 25 :

The dead seem to be a privileged lot at Dadeldhura District Hospital, where there was no doctor for two months to treat patients till May 23, but there had been instances of bringing in a doctor from far off places to conduct post-mortem if a dead body is brought there.

A week ago, when a man killed his wife and child in Belapur VDC of Kalanga, Dadeldhura, a doctor was rushed in from Doti District Hospital, two-hour drive from Dadeldhura, to conduct the post-mortem.

This was not an isolated case. “Once a doctor was airlifted from Kathmandu to conduct a post-mortem,” said Shiv Datta Bhatta, public health administrator at District Health Office (DHO). The post-mortem of any suspicious death has to be conducted by an authorised doctor in the concerned district.

Before a doctor was posted here, the district patients had to depend on auxiliary health workers for treatment. But few trust them and prefer going to the Team Hospital, which is a mission hospital. “Why should I seek the service of auxiliary health workers?” wondered Sita Devi Sanki of Lautauli Ugratara who took her daughter-in-law for the delivery at the Team Hospital, Dadeldhura. The two had to walk three-and-a-half hours to reach there.

The district hospital admits no patients. What to say of major operations, there is no provision to treat patients with broken limbs in the hospital. Under the DHO, there is one district hospital, 15 sub health posts, nine health posts and one primary health centre. Bhageshwor health post has only one Maternal and Child Health Worker for the last two years.

Not more than 25 patients visit the hospital daily, that too for minor illnesses such as diarrhoea, fever or first aid, while the Team Hospital, treats at least 150 patients daily.

Dr Gopal Gnawali, who was transferred here from Syangja District Hospital, said the hospital would concentrate on providing comprehensive abortion care services and will activate the indoor patient service. “We hope patients from neighbouring districts will come here for delivery and abortion cases,” said Bhatta. Neighbouring districts of Achham, Bajura, Baitadi, Bajhang and Darchula have no doctor.

“Until the health policy is amended and those working in the remote areas given more perks, none of the doctors will agree to go to remote areas,” he said.