Drinking water pipes in sorry state

Dhangadi, August 27

Drinking water pipes have burst at multiple places in Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City in Kailali due to negligence of the agency concerned.

Water flowing out of the burst pipes has not only left roads muddy but also increased the risk of water contamination for consumers. Cracks on the pipes have not been repaired for weeks. Muddy roads have given a hard time to both pedestrians and vehicles.

Locals complained that a pipe laid in front of the District Public Health Office burst two months ago, but the Drinking

Water Corporation had not repaired it yet. They said their pleas for repair of the pipes had fallen on deaf ears.

Swift water flow and cuts in the pipes during road construction have caused the pipes to burst. Contact with livestock such as cows and animals such as dogs with the pipes has posed health risks to consumers due to water contamination. Section Officer at DWC Ambar Bista, however, claimed that repair work of the pipes was under way.