Drive to conserve water

Dadeldhura, May 6

Khalanga Drinking Water Consumer Committee has initiated a campaign to conserve water sources in Dadeldhura. The campaign also aims to support Khalanga Drinking Water Project to meet the increasing demand of water in district headquarters, Bagkhor.

Khalanga Drinking Water Project is set to be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 330 million contributed by the government and other stakeholders. The project is expected to solve water problems in Bagkhor. The consumer committee mobilised local youths, who have begun cleaning water sources in different places of the district.

Project Chair Rabindra KC said the current water supply had not been meeting the increasing demand of Bagkhor residents. The locals rely on drinking water supplied from a water reservoir that was built 40 years ago and has one lakh litres storage capacity.

About 1,050 households will benefit from Khalanga Drinking Water Project after it comes to operation.