Eight arrested for power theft in Morang district

BIRATNAGAR: A joint team from Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), Biratnagar and District Police Office (DPO), Morang arrested eight persons on charge of theft of electricity on Wednesday night.

They were taken under custody from Katahari Rural Municipality-6 in Morang district.

The arrestees have been identified as local residents — Jiten Sardar, Ananda Sardar, Dilip Rajbanshi, Nitilal Rajbanshi, Jit Narayan Sardar, Pahadi Sardar, Mahendra Sardar and Dharmendra Sardar.

They were caught in the act of stealing electricity by hooking, during a patrol by the joint team, said NEA, Biratnagar.

Meanwhile, the arrestees are being held at the DPO for further investigation.