Rajapur, August 22:

Over eight schools in Bardiya have been lying closed for a month while over 50 others have been affected due to the absence of students and teachers in the aftermath of floods.

In Rajapur, Soriya primary school in Nayagaun, Deepjyoti primary school in Guptipur and Amar Shaheed Dharmbhakta primary school in Baspur have been lying closed. Janjyoti primary school in Bangai, Malika primary school in Godahana, Gyanodaya primary school in Neulapur, Sarawasti primary school in Pathhergoji and Nera primary school in Taruwa have also been lying closed, said acting president of the Bardiya Red Cross, Mahesh Gautam.

Incessant rain has damaged the roofs of several schools while the foundations of others have been damaged. The walls of some of these schools are on the verge of collapse. Some 2000 students of these eight schools have been unable to attend classes. Gyanodaya primary school has remained closed for over a month, said its headmaster Bir Bahadur Thapa, adding that the school building is on the verge of collapse. The school will be reopened if some organisation provides aid for repairing the building, he said.

Gyanjyoti primary school has 114 students, including 65 boys and 49 girls. Amar Shaheed primary school, situated near the Karnali river banks, was closed after the water level rose too high, making it impossible for the students to come to the school even on boats.

Acting chief of the Bardiya Red Cross Gautam said Nera primary school in Taruwa closed after the Babai river washed away houses in that area, causing the displacement of 72 households.

Janjyoti primary school in Bangai closed down after the local freed Kamaiya settlement was displaced due to flooding. Gautam said the students’ safety was the main reason for the schools’ closure, adding that in 50 other schools, students were unable to attend classes as their families were displaced due to flooding.

A guardian of Nayagaun in Rajapur, Ramprasad Chauhdary, said: “We are worried as the children’s classes have been disrupted. We hope some organisation gives monetary aid for repairing the damaged school buildings so that classes can resume.”