Election code violation rampant

Surunga (Jhapa), June 9

A majority of the election candidates and political parties are found violating the election code of conduct while carrying out publicity campaigns in Jhapa.

No political party or their representatives or the election candidate has taken permission for the vehicle they are using in the publicity campaigns.

Election candidates, including those in the race of mayoral and deputy mayoral posts from all 15 local levels, are seen involved in the publicity campaign being surrounded by a large number of vehicles carrying supporters and respective party cadres carrying party flags and promotional banners. As per the election code of conduct, for election campaign of any post of local level, the candidates or political parties are allowed to use only vehicles permitted by the Election Commission.

District Election Office Jhapa’s Election Officer Gopal Parajuli said no election candidate/ political party has taken the permission to use vehicle for publicity campaign in the district.

Motorcycles, bicycles, rickshaws and taxies are being used in the publicity campaign as the candidates/political parties have not thought it necessary to abide by the election code of conduct.

Going against the election ethics, political parties, cadres, leaders and candidates are seen busy distributing vests, caps and T-shirt to the public to influence the voters. No pamphlets for the publicity of election related campaign, be pasted or written or cause to be pasted or written on to any religious, cultural archaeological, historical places or any public places including buildings, monuments, walls, roads, pillars or structure of public institutions.

Contrary to this, political parties and candidates have spoiled the beauty of such places by pasting materials related to election campaigns.