EC removes Satgaunwa’s candidacy from PR list

Kathmandu, November 5

The Election Commission has removed Ganga Chaudhary Satgaunwa’s name from Naya Shakti Party-Nepal’s proportional representation list. Her name had appeared in the PR list of both the CPN-UML and Naya Shakti Party-Nepal.

EC official Gita Prasad Timsina said Satgaunwa had submitted her application within the deadline seeking removal of her candidacy from the NSP-N and the EC had decided to delete her name, but due to error on the part of the poll panel, her name appeared in the NSP-N’s PR list. Timsina said Satgaunwa would be in the UML’s PR candidate.

Satgaunwa, who was a member Tharuhat Tarai Party had later joined the NSP-N but left this party to join the CPN-UML.

Section 14 (3) of the House of Representatives Members Act, 2017 states that if a person has become PR candidates  from two parties, then both candidacies of that candidate will be nullified.

Satgaunwa’s name was listed in the 71st place of the parliamentary proportional representation candidates list of the CPN-UML while her name was listed in the 67th place in the NSP-N PR list.

NSP-N leader Keshav Dahal said that Satgaunwa was responsible for having her name in the PR list of both parties. “A candidate’s name is listed in the PR list only after the candidate gives her written consent.