Epidemic: 300 taken ill Dadeldhura

DADELDHURA: More than 300 people of different VDCs of Dadeldhura district have been affected with diarrhoea from the past few days. The outbreak has hit Koteli, Ajayameru, Bhadrapur, Bagarkot, Jogbuda, Atital, Shrisha, Bhageswor and Gangkhet VDCs of the district.

Dr Prakash Chhetri of the district hospital informed that the hospital was running out of medicines. He said that they had urged additional supply of medicines from Dhangadi. Though a medical team was sent to the affected area on Tuesday, it has done little progress to control the disease.

“We have sent medicines to the affected areas after purchasing from the local medical shops as we do not have sufficient medicines in the hospital,” Dr Chettri said. He informed that diarrhoea patients in the hospital were increasing every other day. Besides the staffers of the district health office, representatives of other health related organisations have also been pitching in in the affected areas.

Chairman of the Nepal CMA Union Puskar Paneru informed that members of Nepal Health Workers Union and Nepal CMA Unions had reached the affected areas with supplies of medicines. The district health office has directed all the health offices to be on high alert to control the rapidly spreading disease.

Meanwhile, the diarrhoea outbreak that had hit Rukum district two weeks ago is yet to be brought under control. Additional medicines were sent to the affected areas yesterday. According to the District Health Office Rukum, five kg medicines had been recently sent to each of the seventeen VDCs affected with the disease. Dr Garibdas Thakur, coordinator of the District Health Office Rukum, informed that they had distributed four quintals of medicines till now. Dr Thakur informed that thirty-six persons had died of the disease while more than six thousand people were affected with the disease in the district. “The disease has been spreading rapidly despite our tireless efforts to control it,” said Dr Thakur, adding that additional manpower was needed for the control of the disease. CDO Devraj Dhakal and DSP Rabindra Dhanuk had reached Gotamkot with additional supply of medicines today via helicopter.