First Provincial Assembly meet today

Hetauda, January 31

Province 3 is all set to host its first Provincial Assembly meeting in the temporary provincial headquarters, Hetauda, on Thursday.

According to Secretary Rojnath Pande of the secretariat, all necessary infrastructure are in place. “As for the lawmakers, some have already arrived for the meeting while others will come by tomorrow,” said Pande, adding there was a discussion among political parties to finalise the agenda for the meeting.

With the government decision to make Hetauda the provisional headquarters of Province 3, the then regional education directorate building has been appropriated for the meeting hall of the PA secretariat. “Everything is fine here except the proposed meeting hall, which is not spacious,” Pande said, adding that senior PA member Dormani Poudel will conduct the meeting attended by 110 lawmakers.

Meanwhile, a three tier security has been arranged. “Armed Police Force will man the outermost circle and there will be a bomb disposal team and marshals in the other circles,” Pande said, adding a team of doctor and ambulances will be kept on standby in case of emergency.

“The meeting will have a number of agendas including fixing the date for selection of speaker,” Pande said.