The number of fishes has been running low in the Tamakoshi River in recent years.

According to fishermen, who have been making their living off the river for years, it has become very difficult to catch fish, even for daily food in recent years.

"As the river has been running low on fishes in recent years, the number of fishes we catch every day can barely suffice for food, let alone for selling them," said Budhe Majhi of Bhaluwajor, lamenting the threat that paucity of fish in the river has posed risk to their family occupation.

"Up until a few years back, the river abounded in fish, but this is no longer the case as the authorities have failed to control the increasing use of electric current for fishing," said Sansari Majhi of Rajgaun, adding that the decline in the number of fishes in the river has been accompanied by a corresponding decline in the number of other river creatures .

Meanwhile, the district administration office has pledged to take strong action against anyone found to be using electric current for fishing in the river.