Budhiganga Municipality-based Montessori Basic School in Bajura has been facing serious financial crisis for a long time.

The school has been left in a lurch also due to lack of physical infrastructure and human resources. The school had in the past sought help from the authorities, but in vain.

The school was established 11 years ago and was operated by the Dalit community in the municipality.

Lokesh BK, the head teacher of the school, said that the government had given permission to operate the school, but the school did not get any other support.

More than 100 students study in the school operated up to Grade III.

A teacher, Sita Saud, said that they were compelled to merge the students of Grade I and II due to lack of classrooms.

The school is operated by 51 people from the Dalit community. The school was established with the help Kalika Community Society in India.

The school building was constructed at a cost of Rs 250,000 provided by the society.

As many as three teachers are working in the school, and they receive Rs 4,000 each in monthly salary. However, the teachers have not received their salary for the last 18 months due to financial crisis.

Lokesh said that they worked for minimum salary. He said that the students were facing huge problem due to lack of toilets.

A version of this article appears in the print on February 4, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.