Five local levels in Sindhuli district in list of remote areas

Sindhulimadhi, January 12

Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has put five local levels of Sindhuli district in the list of remote areas.

There are two municipalities and seven rural municipalities in the district. Dudhauli Municipality, Golanjor Rural Municipality, Phikal Rural Municipality, Marin Rural Municipality and Hariharpurgadhi Rural Municipality have been put on the list of remote areas.

Similarly, Gyanglekh, Tin Patan and Sunkoshi rural municipalities were included in the list of partly-remote

areas. Likewise, Kamalamai Municipality have been put in the list of well-facilitated areas. The ministry categorised the local levels as per the information provided by District Coordination Committee, Sindhuli.

The ministry said the local levels were classified on the basis of transportation facility, province headquarters, distance of the area from the district headquarters, education, health, communication, electricity, physical condition, among others.