Five new bird species found in Nawalpur area

NAWALPUR: A 'bonanza' of new bird species was found in Nawalpur area while conducing bird census.

The census was carried out inside the Chitwan National Park and in the wetland areas of the Narayani Rive from January 10 to 14, during this fiscal year.

New water birds of five different species were spotted in Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta EAst).

According to DB Chaudhary, coordinator of the water bird census in the western sector of the CNP, new species of birds including--Lal Thude Hans, Pani Chaha, Chatrang, Kailo Tauke Hans and Malchari--were found for the first time in the western sector of the park.

"As many as 46 water bird species were already counted on the distributaries and the wetland areas of the Narayani river in the western sector," Chaurdhary said adding that the number of cormorants has also increased in this sector in recent times

According to him, 2817 cormorants were counted in this sector alone.