Five rope-fixing climbers scale Mt Makalu

KATHMANDU:  At least five Sherpa climbers successfully climbed Mt Makalu opening a climbing route to the top of 8,463-metre mountain this morning.

According to Pasang Sherpa, Managing Director at Pioneer Adventure Treks and Expedition, Lakpa Thindu Sherpa from his company and five other Sherpa climbers stood atop the mountain at around 8:40 am.

"A team of rope-fixing climbers opened a route to the summit point as they found fair weather this morning," he said.

There were three climbers from Seven Summit Treks and one from the Expedition Base Pvt. Ltd who made it to the top of the mountain, he said, adding that the world climbers were now at Camp IV to make the final summit push. "Most of them will make an attempt to reach the summit tomorrow morning," he added.

According to the Department of Tourism, at least 53 members of four expeditions along with their climbing guides left for Mt Makalu this season.