Flood fury shuts schools

Dipayal, September 27:

Academic activities in over a dozen schools in Doti district have remained halted for a week due to incessant rains and landslides.

Buildings of over a dozen schools collapsed following the downpour on September 20 and 21. Winds blew away tin roofs of over 60 school buildings making it impossible to conduct classes.

Chandra Bahadur Bohara, headmaster of Dahanirauli-based Krishna Lower Secondary School, said classes had been disrupted for over a week. “How can we conduct classes in the open?” Bohara questioned.

Buildings of over a dozen schools, including Krishna Secondary School, Mannakapadi-based Bishnu Lower Secondary School, Dhigomandu Primary School and Mahakali Secondary School have collapsed, the district education office said.

Academic activities have also come to a halt in those schools that have escaped the flood and landslide fury.

“Floods and landslides have swept away many bridges, making it impossible for students to go to schools,” Nawaraj Joshi, a teacher in Dewali, said.

Nayan Sigh Dhami, director of the Far-Western Education Directorate, said the collapse of school buildings has brought academic activities to a halt in different schools in Doti.

“Classes can resume only after school buildings are rebuilt,” he added.