Keeping in view the lockdown restrictions to avoid possible spread of coronavirus, the Nepal government has offered a discount of 20 per cent on the marked price of the subsidised rice of Food Corporation in Bajura.

Locals thronged the branch of Food Corporation, Bajura after the corporation started selling the rice at 20 per cent discount to the people.

The government decided to sell the rice from all the depots of the country by offering 20 per cent discount.

Food Corporation, Bajura branch Chief Megraj Ojha said subsidised rice was being sold at the selling centres in Kolti and Kawadi from yesterday. "The normal rate of Mota rice is Rs 45 per kg while it is being sold at Rs 36 per kg," he said.

According to the corporation, a sack of 30-kg rice will be offered to the people. Earlier, people were compelled to buy the rice for Rs 50 per kg in Martadi, Rs 55 in Kolti and Rs 60 in Kawadi. But the corporation sold the subsidised rice at Rs 36. Locals said the quota of rice had to be added. Dabal BK, a local of Badimalika Municipality said the locals were relieved after the food corporation sold subsidised rice. Locals said the government had to provide subsidised rice to economically backward people.

Another local, Birkha Lal Budha of Himali Rural Municipality, said they had bought the rice at an exorbitant price (Rs 60 per kg) earlier.

"But we breathed a sigh of relief after the corporation sold the same rice at Rs 36," he said.

Food Corporation, Bajura has 2,500 quintals rice stock.

Earlier, people would not buy the rice provided by the corporation. The corporation has been selling around 70 quintals rice on a daily basis after the government started providing discount to the people. The corporation has been selling the rice between 7:00am to 9:00am in the midst of the lockdown by adopting health and safety measures.