Force used to open highway

ITAHARI: A day after the government prioritised the controlling of strikes and other sort

of obstruction on the

highways and other link roads, police here thwarted an attempt to block the highway today.

The police resorted to strong action against the demonstrators in Duhabi of Sunsari after workers belonging to Danalaxmi Synthetic Private Limited attempted to obstruct the highway. They were protesting demanding compensation to their colleague — Subash Karki — who died while undergoing treatment. He was

seriously injured in a road accident.

Twelve demonstrators sustained injuries in the police baton charge. Among them, condition of three: Netra Bahadur Shrestha, Dhyani Majhi and Deepak Lamgel, is reported to be critical. They are undergoing treatment at Community Health Center Duhabi.

Police Inspector Bhadraman Mote informed that they were compelled to charge batons as the demonstrators failed to pay heed to their repeated and polite requests to open the highway.

The doctors involved in the treatment said the demonstrators sustained injuries on their heads.

Kalkatu Bhagat, a worker at the company, informed that some of the critically injured were taken to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan for treatment. Karki, who was gravely injured after a truck hit him on July 14, had died on Thursday while undergoing treatment in of India.