Forests wiped out

MALEKHU: Massive wildfires in the district’s community, government and leased forests have destroyed a forest area occupying 24,000 hectare land.

Of the total of 92,854 hectare forest area, 23,925 hectare of community forest area was wiped out by the blaze, District Forest Office, Dhading, said.

A total of 29,050.72 hectare forest area of the total 691 community forests had been handed over to 71,062 households for consumption.

Around 1,000 hectare leased forest area was handed over to 3,872 households from the existing total of 453 leased forests, said Jhamnath Poudel, a forest officer at District Forest Office.

Attempts to control the wildfires have not been successful even though the DFO has run awareness programmes and disseminated information through various forms of