Garbage collected from Bhedetar

Sunsari, September 18

Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality has started managing the garbage that had been left uncollected for the past one-and-a-half months from Bhedetar Bazaar in Dhankuta.

The rural municipality begun collecting the piled-up garbage after The Himalayan Times covered the news story titled “Bhedetar stinking to high heavens” yesterday.

Immediately after publication of the news, the rural municipality, Hotel Association Bhedetar and locals started collecting garbage from yesterday itself.

Most of the territory of Bhedetar market lies in Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality while a tiny portion lies in Dharan Sub-metropolitan City. Dharan sub-metropolis had been collecting garbage from Bhedetar for the past three years. But, the sub-metropolis had stopped garbage collection from the rural municipality one-and-a-half month ago. Ever since, the bazaar has been stinking.

Sangurigadhi Rural Municipality Chair Kumar Jung Yakha said his office had decided to collect the garbage after Dharan sub-metropolis stopped doing so. The rural municipality had already managed a tractor and staffers for garbage collection.

“We have started dumping garbage at the dumping site near Bhedetar,” Yakha said.

Earlier, the rural municipality had turned a deaf ear to the pleas of hoteliers and locals to collect garbage.

Hotel Association Bhedetar Chair Jitendra Rumdali said the rural municipality had started dumping garbage at the site constructed jointly by Hotel Association and the Ministry of Urban Development.

Rumdali stressed the need to look for a big dumping site for a permanent solution to garbage problem in Bhedetar.